Projects Obtained for Scientific, Research and Other Creative Activities in the Field

In 2009 the Department of Lifelong Education at the University of Business (VSO) was the director and coordinator of “ The Analysis of needs in the field of partial qualifications in gastronomy, hospitality and tourism (code 65) at all levels of secondary education, i.e. secondary education, secondary apprentice education and secondary education with A-level exams” (the head of the research team Ing. Petr Houska, director of the Department of Lifelong Education) for the project “Improvement of professional training and education in tourism – CZ.04.3.01/4 2 00.2/0002” (director and coordinator of tourism in the Ministry for Regional Development).


The director of the project of the Czech Republic Grant agency no. 409/07/P463 called “The limits and possibilities of tourism in interwar Czechoslovakia” was in 2007-2009 the head of the Department of Social Sciences and Law JUDr. PhDr. Jan Stemberk, Ph.D.


The Department of Economics was in 2006-2009 in charge of the project “The winners and losers in the process of economic and institutional integration of central European economies in the European Monetary Union”. The Grant agency of the Czech Republic No. 402/06/1445, part: Interest groups and lobbing in the European Union – methods and processes.


The Department of Tourism and the Department of Social Sciences and Law participated in 2007-2008 in the project “Improvement of professional qualification of the workers in tourism in the capital city of Prague”, registration number of the project CZ.04 3 07/ Project JPD3, provision 4.3 – Tourism Development.


The Department of Tourism was in 2006 in charge of the project “The economic and social pillar of sustainable tourism in the Czech Republic”, project No. WA-307-06-303 (2006-2006,MMR/WA), Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, together with Czech Institute for Tourism and Management, non-profit organization.



The task of the common programme document for the objective 3 is to improve professional qualification of the workers in tourism in the capital city of Prague. The University of Business (VSO) has participated in the programme giving eight free lectures on different topics: the history of Prague, communication and communication tools, hygiene requirements in catering services, tourism.