VŠO vydala 4. číslo vědeckého recenzovaného časopisu Journal of Tourism and Services


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Scientific Papers
The Tax Issues Perception of Catering and Hospitality Businesses in Slovak Republic
The role of internships’ experiences for the construction of Employable
Tourism Graduates
Research Notes
The Way of Developing Greening Economy: Case Study – Latvia
Tourist Guides Services in the Czech Republic with View to Development of their Professional Competences in Comparison with International Practice
Marco Polo, an Innovative System for the Promotion of the Small Enterprises Trough Tourism
The ERASMUS Programme in the Czech Republic
Work Reviews
New Trends in Tourism and their Reflection in the Tourism Industry of the Czech Republic 
Impacts of Joining the Schengen Treaty on Tourism in the Czech Republic 
Beyond Local Agenda 21: The Search For the Implementation of Sustainability at the Local Level
Industry News